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Positive Leadership Programs & Services

  • Strength Based Talent Breakthrough Programs – Executive programs are customized and include 2-4 day learning experiences on Positively Leading with a Growth Mindset, Silo Busting – Enabling Diverse Teams Across Cultures, Transforming Difficult Conversations to Learning Dialogues. and Balanced Leadership – Advancing Women and Shifting Cultures. (Participant Experience )

  •  Guest Speaker / Panelist / Big Events – Topics include The Pause, Positive Leadership, Nurturing a Growth Mindset, Mindfulness – Science of Boosting Happiness, Balanced Leadership & Advancing Women in leadership, WOB, Leading in a Diverse & Connected World, Owning Your Career and Good Governance.

Becoming the Best Version of You is at the heart of positive leadership. Executives create impact, stay engaged, and thrive beyond their own expectations when they tap into their purpose, apply it to their daily leadership actions and are grounded in an environment that stimulates both self directed and supported growth. With 20+ years experience in Enabling Talent from recruiting, retaining and developing executives at all levels, Marijo brings a breadth of global, cross industry experience to complex global organizations. Her work is centered on Positive Leadership practices through Appreciate Inquiry and Learning Dialogue techniques.

Recent Programs – Companies Served

  • Shifting a CultureGender Balanced Leadership – Japanese based global technology participants, 3 day program including professional journey mapping, strengths assessment, stepping into the spotlight, decision making and networking smartly. Male and Female executives together to advance a globally successful and diverse business environment.

  • Board Ready – Women on Boards & Good Governance – IE Business School program on the “software” behind effective boards and team dynamics. How to define your purpose, goals, USP and support the process of securing the right board opportunities.

  • Team Enabling & Growth – Commercial directors and leaders participated across a fast growing Middle East region . Included assessments, team survey, aligning team roles, goals, interpersonal connections through enabling tools, building trust and a culture of open feedback / communication / and support across an extremely diversified talent pool.