Bosadvisors | KENYA Africa program with empowering lives international – 2018
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KENYA Africa program with Empowering Lives International – 2018

Dear Family and Friends,

Juan Carlos and I are headed to Kenyain April for ahead (brain), heart and soul work. We’re collaborating with a Nairobi hospital and Empowering Lives International, an NGO that creates growth environments for young people and families. For more than 15 years, ELI has helped young children and college bound teens, orphaned as babies, to stay on positive and meaningful life paths through educational programs.

Starting in Nairobi, JC will work with neurosurgeons and speak at a medical conference over 3 days. We’ll connect with University classmates who are now leaders in the business community and then go to Eldoret for a week at an ELI training facility. This is home to hundreds of children, and an ELI team that helps families and, specifically community women, turn their lives around through purposeful endeavors. Our Growth Mindset programs, for the children and dedicated staff ‘parents’, will focus on continuous learning, building skills, behaviors and habits to support them through life’s celebrations and struggles. They will be experiential and we hope, fun.

Why it Matters? Watch here,

  1. Supports children, families, communities in living values-based, sustainable lives, giving them the tools to be champions of change in their community ongoing.
  2. Closes the access and knowledge gap . Information democratizes access to opportunity
  3. Reduces isolation –people, ideas – raising cultural awareness and connectivity on both sides
  4. Helps children stay on the right path, avoiding negative divisive organizations


Many of these vulnerable young people are awarded scholarships. Unfortunately, not all of them have access to these and thus a great alternative is a technical school for just $1500 per student. This education is a solid foundation for them to build confidence, prepare them to take responsibility and ultimately support and sustain their future families and ELI ongoing.

We believe that we can never have too many people who love and support us throughout our lives,liberating us to achieve beyond our potential. We hope to sprinkle a little bit of this on them – adding to their freedom to live more meaningful and sustainable lives.

We’ll be sharing personal stories and photos so you can see the lives touched. If any of these growth experiences resonate with you and tug at your heart, please connect with us here .
Everything you contribute goes directly to supporting the children, families and the community.

IF you think you’re too small to make a difference then you’ve never spent the night with a mosquito, African proverb

With love and gratitude, Marijo & Juan Carlos