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What You do

How you choose to lead directly impacts what is delivered and economic competitiveness.

Positive Leadership starts with how you amplify strengths and what’s working. It’s about balancing the push for economic competitiveness with the desire to sustain your precious resources to get you there - your people, your teams. The HOW impacts the what. This requires leaders to self assess, reflect on what’s supporting teams in getting it right and what’s slowing them down. Bos Advisors strengths-based Learning Experiences and facilitated Insight Dialogues are based on Positive Leadership practices propelling deeper understanding of self / others, boosting the power of diversity of all kinds, and inspiring the desire to augment skills, change habits so an optimal team environment prevails.


What We Do



Strategic Round Table                 Discovery Dialgoues

Bos Advisors facilitates round table dialogues with executive decision making groups on discovering strengths across functions, aligning teams to strategy, breakthrough leadership.

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Positive Leadership Programs     Economics of Happiness

The HOW directly impacts what is delivered and overall team performance. Leaders are charged with creating positive working environments that stimulate collaborative.

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Positive Leadership Comms

Advancing leaders through Executive Programs. Transforming difficult conversations to learning dialogues is imperative to effective leadership communications. Supportive tools, insight assessments strengthen.


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