Bosadvisors | Head, heart and courage work in Kenya with ELI…from Madrid to Nairobi, Day 1
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Head, heart and courage work in Kenya with ELI…from Madrid to Nairobi, Day 1

Juan Carlos and I embraced as exciting opportunity to collaborate with Empowering Lives as a growth mindset opportunity – supporting the growth of others and supporting the growth of us, as a couple. The overall experience far exceeded our expectations and imaginations. We landed Kenya, a county of 43 tribes and ‘free’ from Brittish colonization since 1963 as a result of the courageous work of the ‘Freedom Fighters’. They are proud of this major transition in their history and also grateful to the English for their Schools, infrastructure and their English language skills. Of interest, Kenya, Spain and California have roughly the same population (45 million +/-), one of many commonalities. Kenyans are incredibly resourceful, quick to act, entrepreneurial, eager to smile and laugh and to find an opportunity to grow.  We’re going to get along just fine.

Thursday, our first day in Nairobi at Kenyatta National Hospital with a group of surgeons. JC and all exchanged surgical practices and knowledge. The hospital system’s interns are on a ‘tools down’ (strike) at the moment so no active surgeries for past month.
It sounds like they had breakthrough conversations this week.  Fingers cross that tools are up once again.

Why only one woman? JC asked as he took this photo with all of the residents. He learned Kenya is still using the interviewing method for entrance to medical specialties after completing general medical school. He shared that Spain went to fully based academic / performance based assessment for specialties years ago and eliminated interviewing biases resulting in 60% female doctors.

Friday, we joined a neruo-oncology, epilepsy symposium where JC shared on awake surgery and epilepsy and they invited me last minute to share CARE, a talk I gave to PFIZER international country leaders last week in Spain – CARE-ing for yourself and the patient.  Compassion, Awareness, Resilience & Energy (positively). Professor Mwang’ombe, below, was a generous host for our two days in Nairobi. 

I snuck away to find a ‘hot spot’ over lunch, the one and only new Bikram corner in Kenya. I’m an international Bikram follower – good thing the 16 poses are exactly the same no matter what country or language.   We had a wonderful evening with friends from a Israel / Palestine Leaders Quest years ago, Kavore, Nancy and their kids.  Princess loved sharing her favorite bed time book with us, David & Goliath.  We hope we can return the hospitality in Madrid soon.  Tomorrow we’re off to Eldoret early in the morning to spend a week with Empowering Lives International.  We can’t wait. Asante for reading and kwaheri Nairobi (thank you and good-bye in Swahili).