Our Gratitude

Chris, Global Brand VP Unilever, UK

Our sessions were engaging and hard work but most of all fun! Marijo is really practical and pragmatic in her approach, and I especially liked the way she gave me very tangible tools and practice to take away from the session. I really enjoyed working with her…all in all she. Read More

Chris, Group VP – Cisco Alliance, Dimension Data USA

“Impact! The best leaders put the right people in the right places at the right time. I expected Bos Advisors to help our NTT group hone these skills. Boy did I underestimate the lasting impact she would make on us individually and as a group. Beyond expert facilitation, Marijo drew. Read More

Prasad, Dir. Portfolio Risk, Quant Analytics, Dubai, UAE

I’ve experienced 2 company programs on Science of Positivity and Mindful Leadership across cultures with Marijo in Dubai, UAE. The programs were well researched, dynamic and very collaborative and dived deep into current issues that teams face in the region. She gave us tools to enhance and elevate our interpersonal. Read More

Shelley, SVP R&D Cloud Solutions, CA, USA

I recently experienced a NTT Group leadership program facilitated by Marijo. I found her knowledgeable, engaging and thought provoking. The 3 days focused on strength based leadership of self, others and the organization. She was exceptionally strong in keeping strategy and the business case around advanced leadership front and center. Read More

Dave, VP Oncology, Neuroscience, AstraZeneca, USA

Marijo builds positive communication into her advisory work on career transitions and negotiations. Her insight into the obvious and less obvious elements around the decision making process of a corporate and family move across continents were incredibly valuable. By playing through different scenarios, we uncovered what’s most important and how. Read More

Muriel – Country Manager, Board Member, Molnlycke Health Care Switz

Muriel Bekto
Advised and supported us to start up the Professional Women Network (PWN) in Zug and Zurich. Under Marijo’s leadership the PWN local leaders are inspired by her vision and drive. As a result PWN grew globally, closed strategic partnerships with top corporations and contributed to the professional progress of thousands. Read More

Lisa, Strategy & Brand Marketing Consultant

An innovative leader who is always thinking 3 steps ahead. Marijo brings so much energy, enthusiasm and positivity to meetings and events -- and to life in general -- that she's an inspiration to everyone lucky enough to work with her. Marijo and I worked together while she was President. Read More

Patricia, Intern at the Spanish Consulate in Houston, TX

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.54.08 AM
I had the privilege of attending the Bos Advisors Introductory Emerging Leaders Program--a pilot workshop on leadership and networking. I am currently starting an internship at the Spanish Consulate in Houston, and as a bachelor student in International Relations, I found the workshop inspiring and encouraging for my upcoming personal. Read More

Clark, Colgate University Junior, NY, USA

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.39.58 AM
I recently had the opportunity to attend Marijo’s Emerging Leaders Workshop in Madrid and was absolutely blown away by the quality of teaching and the passion with which she delivered the material. As a young leader interested in expanding my horizons and developing my understanding of international leadership, I was. Read More

Elena, Key Account Manager, Zagreb, Croatia

I had the privilege to participate in Marijo's course on Business Communication. Throughout the three days she managed to fully engage an audience of more than 60 people with this interactive, useful and insightful course. I was impressed by the ideas of positive psychology and how they can be applicable. Read More

Mingjing Zhang – EDHEC Finance Program Student / Intern from China

Mingjing Zhang
I recently experienced Marijo’s Managerial Skills course in EDHEC Business School in Nice, France. Through the eight-hour course she managed to combine some insightful and practical positive psychology researches with multiple challenging group exercises. As a Finance student from China, I found this course is really helpful in introducing tools. Read More