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Reboot your operating system today through emotional and brain fitness.
We play numerous roles in life (partners, parents, peers…) and all of them can benefit from raising your positivity barometer. Whether you’re interested in strengthening your personal outlook or professional practices, this workshop allows for reflection and review on how your self-management habits and interactions with others directly impacts your positivity to negativity ratio and overall well being.
Unlock Your Pathway to POSITIVITY: If you do… it could change every aspect of your LIFE.
An introduction to the science behind what strengthens positive emotions, resilience, openness, creativity and overall happiness. Strength based, positive self leadership practices can impact your personal outlook and how you interact with others. Explore and experience how being mindful about positivity can boost compassion and reduce fear, self criticism and anxiety.
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Do you see the glass half full or half empty?
Are you hard on yourself, hard on others, allowing negative emotions to take up more space than positive ones?
How can you boost your positive brain power and that of others through new personal and leadership practices?
Marijo Bos, active in the leadership and organizational development space, and Dr. Juan Carlos Gomez-Angulo, a leading Neurosurgeon in Spain, have 25 years of experience in their fields and are delighted to create an open environment of sharing and interaction on how generating positive emotions impacts your whole life.
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  • Build your Positive to Negativity (P/N) Ratio minute to minute.
  • Strengthen positive emotions through simple experience interventions
  • Augment your creativity, perspective taking, collaboration and overall performance.
  • Shift your mindset in dealing with difficult or negative emotions.
  • Incorporate the powerful pause and mindfulness as a way to create the space to lead and reduce mental chatter.
  • Build your energy reserves - resilience, gratitude, compassion and collaboration.
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Marijo leads Bos Advisors. Her personal development work spans complex organizations as well as small company environments. She works with global executive leaders, entrepreneurs and dedicates time to inclusive, diverse and women’s leadership. She is a facilitator for executive forums on challenging dialogues, on mindful leadership to advance teams. Her passion for discovery dialogue is integrated into all of her work as a way to reach optimal performance and personal bests. In addition to her business practice, she’s served as President PWN Global for 5 years - a for purpose not for profit advancing complete leadership across 24 global cities. She’s a PMD alumni of Harvard with a Masters Positive Leadership & Strategy, IE Business School. She's comfortable working across cultures having led programs on all continents.

Guest Contributor:
Dr. Juan Carlos Gomez-Angulo is a leading neurosurgeon in Madrid serving patients in University Hospital of Getafe and Ruber International. His specialty is epilepsy and skull based tumors. He will illustrate through images, and the latest thinking where emotions lie in the brain, forming new rituals and habits. He will also discuss the paradigm shift from the brain as a fixed organ to one which transforms itself with agility and plasticity.
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